"My concern in working with a designer was that my space wouldn't feel like my own; however, the project was a true collaboration. She took my input to heart, and I expect this is just the beginning of the home projects I'd like to work on with Kayne. "

/  Jennifer R., Brooklyn, NY  /


" Kayne solved a puzzle of how to make the best use of a home office space...Her thoughtful attention to my needs and wishes for the space and brilliance at spatial relations helped me turn a blank slate...into an organized but very "me" space. She really listens, while sharing different ideas with confidence and caring. She is precise, knowledgeable and working with her was a pleasure. "

/  Lori S., Boston, MA  /


" Kayne designed and managed the hallway renovation for our 32 unit co-op in Brooklyn...The design [she] created manages to be both modern and clean, while connecting to the brownstone heritage of our historic block. We still get compliments on the lighting that Kayne selected. Real estate agents and new buyers often mention how sharp our hallways are. "

/  Chris P., Brooklyn, NY  /


"Kayne was able to transform my room, interpret my vision and now I have my perfect room that accommodates all my needs. I'd highly recommend her services. She's a delight to work with."

/  Joyce A., Dennisport, MA  /


" I have double parlor rooms in my Victorian residence, used for both work activity as well as personal enjoyment...Kayne helped me figure out how to have a comfortable meeting space as well as having an efficient work area. She then led me through choosing furnishings which were professional as well as comfortable for both the live and work uses of the space. Excellent project and experience across the board."

/  Rob k., san Francisco, ca  /


" I selected Kayne to re-do my apartment after interviewing half a dozen others. Kayne is professional, down to earth and responsive. She did a great job of understanding my needs, concerns and limitations...I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Kayne without reservation. "

/  maria s., Brooklyn, ny  /